Acknowledgements and Thanks

This section will not be in any particular order of priority because I
expect that it will be added to over time. I will try to make it as
comprehensive as possible but please accept my apologies in advance for
any ommissions.

First I would to acknowledge the immense contribution of Eric Falk, my
webmaster, whose work on the design, programming and uploading this
website has been indispensible. We have both been on learning-curves of
one kind or another but in a way this may have enabled us to create
something refreshing and new. It is worth noting that the value of
Eric's work is not only in what can be seen and read on the site but it
has also contributed in no small measure to the speed with which the
site was picked up by the major search engines and the high rankings on
keyword searches which we began to achieve right from the get-go. At
time of writing this, after barely a month of operation, we are already
attaining an annualised hit-rate of almost 1.5 million.

Next I would like to thank all of the people who have kindly granted me
permission to photograph the windows in their charge and who have
provided me with access as well as information about the windows or
contact details of others with such information. In this connection I
would make special mention of Doug Ousley of The Church of the
Incarnation who, despite having hosted earlier failed attempts to
photograph the windows there, allowed me to try and, I think, succeed.
I would also make special mention of the kind, friendly and helpful
ladies who run the gift shop in St Martin's church in Brampton as well
as to the custodians of Lanercost Priory, Ponsonby church, St James's
church in Staveley and the church of St Paul in Irton for keeping their
churches open to visitors so that I was able to gain access without the
need for forward planning. I would also make special mention of Jeff
Turczyn, the Pastor of Trinity Church in Saugerties, for his
encouragement as well as for pointing me towards other noteworthy glass
in the New York dioscese of the Episcopal church.

The first book on stained glass that I acquired is Stained Glass in
England by June Osborne, the revised edition was published by Sutton in
1993. This is an excellent work which combines history with technical
information and a gazeteer of important glass in England. I commend it
to anyone who has the chance to look at stained glass in England.

The Pitkin Guide on Edward Burne-Jones by Ann Dean is a very nice and
extremely well-illustrated book which was very inexpensive.

At the other end of the spectrum I was fortunate to find a good
second-hand copy of A.C.Sewter's 2-volume set 'The stained glass of
William Morris and his circle' which was published in 1975 (Yale) and
represents the culmination of over 25 years of study and to this day is
by far the most comprehensive catalogue of the works of the William
Morris Company. To have undertaken such a work, with all its
cross-indexing, before the days of computers and spreadsheets and
databases is a task which should not be underestimated.

I should also like to mention here Arthur Penn's excellent booklet on
Brampton church and its windows which will be helpful as a reference
source when I add some written information to the website. Glenn Hooper
of the Flemington Presbyterian Church was the author of a very useful
paper describing the many different windows there, having done research
to obtain information about the makers and the people to whom they were
dedicated. There are other leaflets and guide books which have been
helpful along the way but these I will try to cover individually when I
add text to the website.