-Screen Saver
-Slide Show
-and Image Gallery
CD ROM for your PC





More than 60 beautiful and original images, all of them featuring angels, can be viewed in no less than 3 different ways:

- One at a time, so that you can study them closely and really appreciate the fine details.

- As a continuous slide-show to music and - as 4 different screensavers, one which includes all of the images and 3 others showcasing the work of Tiffany, Morris and the other makers.

- In both slide show and screen-saver modes you can see these images as you have never seen them before - full-screen size.

- The CD is very easy to install and use and you can either let it run with the default options or you can change some aspects of the set-up such as the length of time each image stays on your screen, the way one picture transitions to another and the length of time your computer needs to be idle before the screen-saver starts. Once installed the screen-savers are very easy to switch on and off and they take up surprisingly little disk-space.

- This is a tremendous opportunity to acquire these images on a CD. Whereas no-one can guarantee the future of our website and downloads can be lost if a computer disk crashes you can have the "Angels in Glass" CD-Rom to keep and reload indefinitely.

- It is also a great gift for someone you care about. What better than to have that special person and their computer watched over by these beautiful angels?

- For anyone who connects to the internet by a phone line this is a great way to view the kind of work that we have on the website. You can look at the pictures for as long as you like without the cost of a telephone connection to the internet and you will not have to experience the frustrating delays while your modem downloads each image.

- There is really no risk in trying it because you will be fully protected by our 30-day "No Quibble" guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product all you have to do is return it to us within 30 days and we will either replace it or refund the purchase price, whichever you choose.

What are the system requirements? Well, basically it should work on any PC (not Mac unfortunately) with Windows 95 or later. To be able to enjoy the musical accompaniment to the slide show you will need a basic sound card and speakers. If you are a Mac user and would like to buy the CD then please email us and if there is sufficient demand we will do our best to meet it.