What people are saying about our cards

Stunning! Marge, OH
....beautiful.... Anne-Marie, TX
I framed all 3 and they look great together Barbara, MN
I was going to keep one and send two but I ended up doing it the other way round Joanne, NJ
My girlfriend loved them.... David, VT
So much nicer than a regular printed card.... Steve, GA
I will definitely be buying more Kathy, NY
....so much detail....such bright colors.... Angela, SC
....so different John, NJ
I love stained glass and these pictures are the greatest Kim, NY
I will be back for more before the Holidays Susan, MD
....just beautiful Kathleen, WI
My friends raved about them...I'll be back Dawn, Sydney, Australia
I had some doubts but they are worth every penny Pat, Nottingham, UK
....hard to decide which to buy next Julie, Newport, Wales
....just had to buy the Mary Magdalene set for my special friends Joan, NY
Great value! Real art for under $5 Andrew, MA
....much better than I expected Pat, NY
Awesome Babs, KY